Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Company for Unique Elearning Courses

OliveQSol is a professional translation services company offering accurate storyline localization and translation designed per your needs. Our storyline translation perfectly combines quality, technology, and service.

OliveQSol offers integrated storyline translation services across industries to help businesses achieve their goals. We follow a strict workflow to deliver engaging training courses to educational institutions.

Our dedicated team of experienced linguists works closely with you to provide customized storyline translations that improve personalized e-learning experiences. We follow tight protocols and procedures for designing inclusive solutions and have a client-centric methodology to ensure exceptional outcomes.

Bank on OliveQSol for storyline services in more than 170 languages and dialects. Choose a cost-effective service that prioritizes your target audience and delivery timelines for the desired consistency and quality levels.

Don’t just believe what we say. Try OliveQSol professional translation company for your institute.


Responsive designs

All our courses are designed keeping in mind mobile and web interfaces.
Interactive Content for Learning

Interactive features

We provide several interactive features such as hotspots, sliders, etc.


We accurately localize and translate text on graphics for better understanding.