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Deliver superlative learning experiences with Content services software for higher education

OliveQSol bridges the talent gap between businesses and higher education institutes by offering content services that address their evolving needs. We provide content services for higher education institutes with a smart learning approach, robust design principles, and digitally driven delivery.

Higher education is witnessing a paradigm shift as the war for talent intensifies. Students today make scholastic decisions on their own and sign up for online courses based on market trends instead of macro courses. The rise of the gig economy, remote work, and automation is changing how we work, which needs to translate into how we learn.

OliveQSol Capabilities

  • Instructional Design Services : Pedagogy is critical when developing content for higher education institutes, and no one understands it better than us. Our software helps design content based on the most popular instructional design models that incorporate different learning modules. These design models are based on the cognitive, behavioral, and constructivist domains.
  • Competency-based Education : We help educational institutions create student-centric content that offers the right skills and expertise to meet changing business demands. Our competency framework ensures your students are all set for global competence.
    Our competency-based education maps students’ needs with in-demand skills in the job market and creates customizable, unique courses that focus on mastery and personalization. Higher education institutions can replace the traditional classroom model with our programs and offer skills to help students thrive in school and beyond.
  • Video as a service : Video learning has multiple benefits—it is an easily understandable format, supports multi-model learning, and increases interactivity. Our platform brings the power of digital learning to classrooms that not only engages but also brings dull content to life. Our video content promotes critical thinking and a practical mindset.
  • We combine pedagogy with technology to simplify complex topics and create immersive learning experiences. Some of the video formats we support include talking head, motion graphics, animation, and whiteboard.
  • Multiple learning experiences : There is no one-size-fits-all in learning. With multiple ways to acquire knowledge, learning has clearly broken-down classroom boundaries. Because of this, educators are seeking ways to make learning more fun, interactive, and engaging.

We offer a learning environment based on different students’ needs and ensure it leaves a lasting impression.

Some of the learning experiences we offer are:

Scenario-based learning

We use special software to create fictional scenarios that replicate real-life situations to promote critical thinking and encourage better decision-making in a simulated environment.


We use different niches topics that lets students better understand the concept and recall information quickly. This approach aims at reducing students’ cognitive overload.

Story-based learning

We deploy a story-based approach that weaves relevant, engaging, relatable stories in content.


We use the gaming experience in education by offering incentivized programs with rewards, points, and achievements. It motivates students to keep pushing their limits and learn new concepts quickly.

The time to invest in the future is now. Let OliveQSol’s holistic content development services for higher education institutes help!

Presenting on the board

Needs Assessment

Assess the needs and learn more about the client's business and tech stack.
Plan Development

Plan Development

Based on the information we gather we create a short-term and long-term plan.
Learning & Innovation

Execute the plan

Once the plan is approved, we implement the plan and create all necessary interventions for process, technology, training, and support.