Gamification Education

Gamification Education

Integrating work-based applications and gamification solutions for superior performance

Gamification in higher education is a naturally engaging way to make learning fun. It motivates students by recognizing and highlighting their achievements across the board. OliveQSol uses different gamification solutions to make learning complex concepts engaging. We support both reward-based and the concept of meaningful gamification.

Our game design thinking principles and game elements, such as leader boards, peer competition, and point scoring, facilitate collaboration, creative problem solving, and innovation.

Our education gamification solution ensures students learn on their own and have a positive attitude towards learning. Designed with the key objective of transforming classrooms into a reflexive and engaging spaces, OliveQSol supports all aspects of meaningful gamification, including.

From conceptualizing and designing to developing and delivering, OliveQSol offers a custom game-based learning platform that is easy to use and makes learning engaging.

Create a fun and rewarding learning quest with OliveQSol gamification solutions.

Plan Development


Design a game aligned to your needs and business objectives
Reading Books to Learn


The freedom to explore learning based on each student’s progression
Storytelling & Learning


Gripping storytelling for immersive learning


Freedom to choose different orders to resolve problems and the devices to play on.


Real-time tracking on interactive maps to analyze progress
User Engagement


peer competition and collaboration to solve different puzzles