Corporate Learning Solutions

Corporate Learning Solutions

Corporate learning solutions to engage, educate, and empower

Whatever your learning needs, OliveQSol has the answer. From onboarding, training, and sales enablement to process workshops, we design corporate learning experiences that are visually engaging and effective.

Give your staff a tailored way to fill the training gap and meet your business objectives. We work with companies across industries to build quality content that empowers employees and delivers desired goals.

Custom Learning Solutions

Your custom needs. Our custom solutions.
Our corporate learning tools integrate with your company’s goals so you can introduce different courses on various business facets such as induction, leadership development, business skills, and compliance.
Our content and product specialists build options tailored to your needs. We create a bespoke learning strategy to implement and refresh any existing plan for maximum impact. From content analysis to testing, delivery, and ramping up, our modules help you attain your training goals and ensure sustainable results.

Learning through gamification

Gamification is a fun and rewarding way to create immersive learning experiences. It helps create game-based content that addresses students’ development and performance requirements. We strategize, design, build and deliver unique game-based learning solutions without losing sight of bigger goals and results.
Our carefully crafted games motivate and engage students during the entire learning cycle. We can create puzzles, strategic and situational games, problem-solving games, and challenge-based games that encourage innovation, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

Scenario Based Learning

Scenario-based learning is an effective way to support active learning strategies, such as case-based or problem-based learning. We create relatable scenarios and demonstrate the application of these concepts in a real-life context.
For instance, we use threaded scenarios that show decisions’ impact and offer actionable feedback and support at each step. Similarly, branded scenario-based learning allows learners to demonstrate the repercussions of their choices.
Our scenario-based learning provides learner engagement by demonstrating real-life dilemmas, situations, and challenges tied to required skills. These are hard-to-forget courses developed so learners can quickly grasp and memorize complex concepts.

Business Simulations

With our custom learning solution, create bespoke business simulations that replicate the real-life business process and immerse learners in different scenarios to achieve their objectives. We include practical use cases and data in a simulation based on the needs of the professional. With learners deciding on various outcomes, it’s a self-directed learning method.
Our business simulations provide engaging problems for which professionals can seek all the required information they think is needed to solve them and understand the repercussions of their decisions.

System Training

OliveQSol is trusted by some world-renowned companies to enhance their workforce’s technical skills and maximize ROI and process efficiency. Our specialized system training relies on 3D mode: Design, Develop, and Deploy innovative solutions. Our system training puts employees on the path to success by helping them perform their job with precision while maximizing safety, efficiency, and quality in the workplace. Whether you use custom software designed to address your unique needs or a well-known SaaS product, we provide state-of-the-art and effective system training that prime, enable, and motivate your employees to embrace the new technology introduced.

Our system training

  • Can be accessed on-demand.
  • Is built at the task level, so no step is ever missed.
  • Comprises a single module focused on a specific learning objective.
  • Is gamified for better adoption.

Mobile Learning

The global mobile learning market is likely to reach $155.81 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 30.12%. The results are not surprising. Mobile learning is the medium for new-age learners.
It helps consume bite-sized pieces of heavy legacy content so students can learn on the go. We offer responsive designs that boost engagement, higher course completion rates, and enhanced work performance. Our mobile solutions incorporate different media formats such as video, animations, audio, and other interactive elements for effective and seamless learning experiences.
Our mobile learning solution can be deployed with hybrid or native apps for both iOS and Android.
Use corporate learning solutions focusing on various proficiency levels, performance, and learning styles.

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Content Writing

Custom learning solution

Training courses and content built tailored to your needs for maximum impact and sustainable results.


We design, build and deliver game-based learning solutions that are fun, engaging, and rewarding.
Reading Books & Learning

Scenario-based learning

Create different scenarios and possibilities to hone problem-based learning skills.
Improvement Icons

Business simulations

Experience immersive learning with simulations that replicate real-life business processes and different scenarios.

System training

We provide system training and support to ensure maximum adoption of technologies in your organization.
Smartphone & Learning

Mobile learning

Create bite-size content for students to learn key concepts and information on-the-go.