Accessibility Content Solutions

Accessibility Content Solutions

Eliminate barriers to learning with accessible content development services

Simple course development in today’s digital age is not enough. Accessibility content development is equally important to ensure learning is perceivable, relevant, and understandable.

We at OliveQSol incorporate WCAG 2.1/508 guidelines and recommendations while developing online content for students. Our solutions use text alternatives for any non-text content so it can be changed in other forms, like speech, symbols, or large print, for people with special needs.

Inclusivity starts with accessibility. Make sure your content is accessible to all.

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Perceivable content

We ensure our content can be rendered into different forms.

Alternatives to time-based media

We offer captions and transcription for pre-recorded audio or video content.
Adaptable content

Adaptable content

We design content that can be presented differently without losing structure or information.

Visual and auditory content

Our content includes a ton of visual and audio elements to differentiate between foreground and background information.
Content Writing

Create accessible content:

We use various tools like automated EPUB 3 accessibility checker to create content in the most accessible format.
Hearing, Listening & Learning

Time texted captions

We deploy time texted captions to ensure our content is accessible to people with hearing ailments.